Do I really need to hire a licensed Painter?

Unfortunately, tradies can have a reputation for being a bit, well…dodgy. And although there are some great trade companies out there, there are plenty of ‘cowboy’ tradies as well. So how do you know if you are dealing with a ‘cowboy’ or a legitimate contractor?

QBCC Licensing Standards

Licensing standards as set out by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), were created to hold the industry to a minimum standard to give confidence to the consumer.

The QBCC requires that painting contractors to meet the following licensing standards to undertake contracts exceeding $3300 including GST. These standards include:

  • Successful completion of either an apprenticeship in painting and decorating, Certificate III in painting and decorating or previous experience recognised by the QBCC
  • Completion of the QBCC approved managerial course
  • Meeting the relevant financial requirements as set out by the QBCC

These licensing standards ensure that you are dealing with a painter who has met the minimum requirements to qualify for a license. The risk of losing trade licenses due to below standard work is designed to give consumers some recourse, should you find you are dealing with a ‘dodgy’ tradie.

The QBCC is also available to offer advice and support if any issues should arise as a result of defective or incomplete work, damage to your property, of if you believe that a contractor is breaking the law.

Don’t take the risk of using an unlicensed painter. Go to QBCC to check the licensing details of all painters providing a quotation for your property.