Kelvin Grove, February 2020

This cute little two-bedroom apartment was an owner-occupied-premises but is being freshened up ready for the rental market. The main concerns were the blistering/bubbling paint under the window of one of the bedrooms and the water/mould staining to the cornice and the adjacent ceiling. Besides this one area, the paint work was in good if slightly worn condition.

Even though the timber floors were being re-polished, all the floors were protected using drop-cloths, masking paper and tape. The water damaged wall was scraped to remove all the loose paint. It was then sanded using a 40-grit sanding pad with the Mirka Deros attached to a dustless vacuum system to remove any final loose paint or loose concrete. A first coat of Red Devil Super Filler was applied, allowed to dry and then sanded, followed by a skim coat of Pollyfilla Interior Powder Filler. Once that had dried and had been sanded smooth, a coat of Dulux OneStep acrylic undercoat was applied followed by two top-coats of Dulux Wash and Wear Low Sheen, which was used for the walls throughout the living areas and bedrooms of the apartment. The mould on the ceiling was treated with 30 Seconds Mould Off Cleaner and allowed to dry. The stains were treated with Dulux Precision Ceiling Stain Blocker which has a vertical nozzle for more accurate use. Once dried, the ceiling was painted with Dulux Premium Ceiling White which was used on the ceiling throughout the living areas and bedrooms of the apartment.

As air-flow can be an issue in smaller apartments, Dulux Wash and Wear +Plus Kitchen and
Bathroom low sheen was used in both the kitchen and bathroom walls and ceiling to protect against the growth of mould and also for ease of cleaning.

Existing colours were used in the living areas and bedrooms –
Ceilings: Dulux (premixed) Ceiling White
Walls: Dulux Antique White USA
Doors, Architraves, Skirtings: Dulux Lexicon Quarter
The bathroom and kitchen were brightened up by using a clean bright white -–
Walls and ceilings: Dulux Lexicon Half
Window, Doors, Architraves, Skirting: Dulux Lexicon Quarter